The Agile Manifesto Genesis, Creation, Magic and more

Alistair Cockburn


This is the presentation you don’t want to miss. Alistair will deliver this talk on the very day the Manifesto was signed 20 years ago!

This presentation focuses on giving you an exclusive look-back into the circumstances that brought about the legendary meeting of the minds at Snowbird. It will include Alistair’s reflections on how the Manifesto has revolutionized the world of work over the last 20 years, and where he believes we are headed as we look towards the future.

Get ready for a rich learning experience! Alistair will walk down memory lane, reminisce, and share unforgettable details and anecdotes from the Manifesto’s original creation. No matter where you are in your agile journey, Alistair has a message for you. Come curious about the 20-year agile evolution and come ready to hear what his crystal ball says about the future.