Let My Agile Past Tell Your Agile Future – a Tarot Card Reading

Paul Boos

Saturday, February 13, 2021


Can my past tell your future? Possibly. I’ve encountered some interesting needs as an Agilist and have found ways to employ the appropriate ‘mindset’ in a variety of ways. I’d like to share those with you. I’ve also witnessed (and even made) many mistakes. I’d like to share those as well so you can avoid them.

I’ve got many short stories to tell; in fact too many to cover in the 45 minutes we’ll be together in seance.

We’ll start with a draw of 4 Tarot cards. These could all be possible futures for you, if you haven’t encountered them yet. Your possible fate (a short story) will be told by a Tarot card that an audience member will choose. I will then share the story of that card and how it is important to a possible future you. I’ll then hold space for you to ask questions about that story and how it may apply to you. When the questions subside, we’ll move on to draw a new card and let a different audience member select from the choices available. As an Agile druid, I foresee getting through 4-8 stories depending on the number of questions people have.

What magic will these cards reveal? Will it be a spell of what successful team launches are? Or the curse that materializes when there is a single owner of an Agile transformation vision? What does your possible future hold?