Padmini Nidumolu

Lean In Agile - Enabling women in leadership

Thursday, February 11, 2021


In this session, we will start with our signature Offer/Seek technique to explore the systemic and internalized barriers each group faces. Based on this crowd-sourced wisdom, amplified by LIA’s own expertise, we will facilitate an exploratory technique to prioritize overcoming these barriers and will work to realize this commitment through the spiral framework.

LeanInAgile (LIA) is a community service organization, to increase the value and visibility of women within the Lean and Agile communities. The hallmark of Agile servant leadership is based on stereotypically feminine attributes such as empathy, collaboration, and effective listening. Yet, there is a significant gap in the number, recognition, and compensation of women at the higher levels of Agile leadership.

We have more women in workforce today than ever. There is no lack of qualified women to fill the leadership roles. Why then do we see gender inequality in leadership layers? Institutional mindsets and structural barriers are often the impediments for growth of women in leadership. There is an immediate need to explore the inherent systemic issue that is working against the much desired presence of women in leadership.

LIA works to narrow this gap by empowering women to celebrate, learn and grow together through initiatives such as Spirals, LIA100 and LIANextGen. We believe that an actively inclusive and diverse community will generate better outcomes for us all and help to realize Agile values and mindset in our workforces and in our communities. 

About Padmini.

Padmini Nidumolu is the Co-founder of “Lean In Agile” for Women, an initiative founded to amplify the voices of women and celebrate the journeys of women thought leaders in Lean and Agile spaces. She is a mentor, trainer and a regular speaker at Agile and Lean conferences. She is a two times TEDx speaker on leadership subjects. She is an enterprise transformation coach with several Lean transformations under her belt. Her expertise and focus are in building learning organizations and delivering value by leveraging diversities as enablers leading to an enterprise culture of continuous improvement.