Minaxi Punjabi

Minaxi Punjabi

Human-centric leadership practitioner combining the disciplines of neuroscience and anthropology to bring about a strong collaboration of diverse strengths and deliver value incrementally.

Successfully implemented change for adoption and use, impacting and improving metrics across the board for the business, people, processes and technology involved .

Servant Leader to Self Organized teams (via steady improvements in self empowerment of individuals), facilitator and coach providing psychologically safe environments for conflict resolution, open dialog and discussions leading to healthy collaborations and alignment of values.

Expertise in driving requirements across various stages of SDLC and Business Process Re-engineering whether it be for a value added deliverable or major transformation.

Ability to perform comfortably in ambiguity, unpredictability, and experimental modes, which may entail much higher risk and need flexibility in approach with high situational awareness.

Minaxi Punjabi was recently featured in a wonderful Podcast From Organisations to Organisms