Impactful Product is the New Working Software

Jason Hall

Friday, February 12, 2021


In the era of Internet of Things and the overwhelming presence of data, we’re now able to understand how our product decisions shape our customer’s lives.  As a result our endpoint of value has shifted from working software to impactful product.  This celebratory talk will cover the strides we’ve made in focusing on what matters.  From the early push towards shortening delivery cycle time to inclusion of how to care for software once in production (DevOps), Agile has improved both the speed at which software is delivered and its reliability.  Jason will share current stories of how that concept of value has expanded to include correlating genuine customer success to product and feature usage.   

Jason will share the story of how one product team committed to improving the financial health of it’s customers, used both business and customer measures as lagging indicators of success and how they connected even the smallest of experiments to those measures in order to understand just how much value was delivered.  

Lastly we’ll discuss how current frameworks for managing programs (e.g. large bodies of work) become inadequate when using an outcome driven approach to drive product direction and why that’s a good problem to have.