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Agile Swami: A “journey(wo-)man” and Opportunist. What is your agile lineage?

Darren Hoevel

Saturday, February 13, 2021


“What does not kill you only makes you stronger” – Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher 

The fact is, we are all shaped by our journey– our perspectives, actions, mannerisms, values, and beliefs.  Whether it was planned, reacted to, victimized by, envisioned, or carefully shaped, you are a product of the life you have lived!  Rest assured, you are not just a collection of matter being bounced around by the chaos of your environment; you are always in control of who you are and the person you are yet to become.  

Join me in exploring who you have yet to become through the lens of personal growth and wholehearted leadership. This session will present useful models and examples to help articulate and visualize your own journey and agile lineage.  This process of self-discovery will help provide insight into not only who you are and how you got there, but also the biases, perspectives, and possible blind spots in which you see the world. 

Let’s explore these questions and possible ways to answer them:

  • Perspective is everything, what lens are you looking through?
  • Where did you learn “your agile”?
  • How do your mentors influence your perspective?
  • How does your work/industry/client influence your work?
  • How do you influence you?

About Darren:

Darren Hoevel is a people person with 7.125 billion friends and counting. He’s a passionate agile realist, organizational change advocate, corporate cultural renovator, customer ambassador, and co-founder of Pliant Solutions. He is driven by “Organizational Evolution,” creating self-organizing, self-managing teams supported by vulnerability, curiosity, the wiliness to experiment, and the forever openness to learn.

Darren prides himself on not just being a coach but showing up as his whole-hearted self to accelerate progression within individuals, teams, and programs, which, in turn, contributes directly to the health and success of an organization. He has helped large organizations discover their culture, change their mindset, and create enough structure to scale their processes and practices. He believes nothing is more influential than the soles of one’s own shoes and the courage of one’s own vision.