Lizzy Morris

Lizzy Morris is an internationally known Scrum & Agile Trainer, Life Coach, and Keynote Speaker who has impacted companies, associations, and entrepreneurs all over the world.  Working with global leaders and top companies around the world such as Bank of America, Allegis Group, Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola to name a few. She is an expert in providing clients with tools to help them become more productive, efficient, and accountable.

Lizzy specializes in helping Fortune 500, and top 50 companies secure measurable results for delivering end to end value. She burns with a deep passion for Scrum. Her time rotates around helping her corporate clients adopt Scrum as their primary transformational foundation framework because she believes Scrum helps organizations and teams discover the Agile tolerance.

Lizzy’s classes are packed with improvisations and experiences that allow her students to transcend their cognitive bias and reframe their context. Lizzy sees herself as a lifelong student of learning how to inspect and adapt to deliver value with more and more speed and precision.

In addition, Lizzy is a seasoned executive consultant that focuses on driving measurable results for her clients.  She has over 18 years of in-depth experience in delivering software development, project management and strategic consulting.  Lizzy is a master at fostering collaboration while driving results for her clients.  Her hands-on approach to partnering provides the support needed to take any organization through the difficult transitional phases of implementing an agile change so they can deliver faster quality working software solutions that provide measurable value, coupled with the flare of innovation and high quality.

As a Life Coach, Lizzy helps women transform their lives by teaching them to embrace change mindfully; one thought at a time to ensure they get results. She works with ambitious women who desire to understand how to achieve their dreams and goals while facing everyday challenges in their family, relationships, work, and spiritual lives.  Driven to help women in third world countries become independent she is aggressive in motivating and uplifting women to transform their thought processes from negative / unproductive states to OUTCOME-focused behaviors.

Amongst her accolades, Lizzy has become the first woman of color in the world to qualify as a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) within the globally recognized Scrum Alliance certification body. Her journey has evolved in the corporate arena; Lizzy has served as Organizational Change coach in organizations across the world. Her career has taken her across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Lizzy served as the VP Of Agile Transformation for one of the largest global recruitment holding companies in the world while they began their critical journey of transformation.

Specialties and Certifications: Scrum, Scrum Master, Strategy Design & Implementation Planning, Client Relationship Management, Marketing, Business Development, Motivational Speaking, Agile® Coaching, Agile® Transformation, Agile® Portfolio Management, Scrum Master Development, Agile® Mentor, Curriculum Design