Is A20 DMV really free?

Yes! This is a grassroots event so the hosts and organizers are not compensated. We do have expenses and thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors, we are able to host this event for you. Please check out our sponsors page to learn more about them.

Is A20 DNV an in-person or virtual event?

A20 DMV will be 100% virtual in 2021.

How can I support A20 DMV?

1. Tell everyone you know about this event and share the posts you see on social media. #A20DMV. If you host a Meetup or other event, please announce A20 DMV to your community and we can add you to our Meetup Partners page.
2. Please make sure you RSVP here so we understand how many people will attend.
3. If you want to do more, please send us a note as we are happy to engage with more volunteers and expand our amazing team. Helping to promote is always appreciated and there may be opportunities on the day of the main event.

Can I get SEUs and PDUs for attending?

Yes. Scrum Alliance and Program Management Institute both offer credits for attending learning events.

How can I become a presenter?

Since this is our first event, we’re being selective and are asking a select group of presenters. However, contacting us and letting us know about your presentation may open up opportunities for us and our Meetup Partners.

What if I have more questions?

Please send a note using our contact form.