Agile Timeline in the DMV

Bob Payne & George Dinwiddie


Bob Payne and George Dinwiddie will discuss their 20 year view of Agile in the DMV, and invite you to contribute your memories of the local Agile community’s timeline. They will highlight some of the pivotal initiatives they were involved in against the backdrop of the progression in global Agile thought.  These initiatives include the formation of the XPWDC extreme programming user group in early 2000 and the AgileDC Conference held through the last 10 years.

XPWDC, patterned on the concept of user groups, developed the pattern of meetups that have now proliferated through the DMV. AgileDC is the largest Agile community organized event in the Washington, DC metro area. This one-day regional conference has brought together thought leaders and practitioners from government, not-for-profits, and private industry alike. The core of these events are focused around building community and spreading the word of Agile.  As part of this session we will utilize networking breakouts to continue the community building.