Submit a Prerecorded Lightning Talk

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein

A20 DMV will host a library of recorded Agile Lightning Talks on a variety of topics. If you’d like to submit an Agile Lightning Talk, reach out to one of the team.

Recordings for the event should be completed and submitted by February 10, 2021.

Why Submit an Agile Lighting Talk?

A20 DMV Agile Conference has 100s of registered attendees thirsting for knowledge. This will provide you an amazing opportunity to share your wisdom with the community.

What will happen with the Agile Lighting Talks?

They will be hosted in a searchable library on website through 2021. You will be free to market you Agile Lightning Talk through your own channels as well.

What are good topics for Agile Lightning Talks?

Agility is about growth. Any topic that helps people or organizations grow. That can mean products, minds, teams and markets. This leads to topics such as Innovation, Leadership, Health, Happiness, Management Skills, Organizational Design, Motivation, Budgeting, Testing, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, Cloud Based Technologies, Refactoring Code … As you can see, it’s an almost endless list.

How do I prepare an Agile Lightning Talk?

Reach out to someone on the team.

Are there requirements for an Agile Lightning Talk?

An Agile Lightning Talk needs a title, theme and short description.

Agile Lightning Talks should be 3-5 minutes. You don’t have to use all the time and we won’t chop videos that run a little long.

Each Agile Lightning Talk should have a co-branded opening page which should be displayed for the first 5 seconds of your video. You can talk over it. The opening page has plenty of space for you to add an image, your name, Agile Lightning Talk title and company logo.

Can I market or sell in the Agile Lightning Talk?

We all need to put food on the table so feel free to mention your product or service. However, please remember A20 DMV is about community and growth. Too much marketing and selling in your Agile Lightning Talk may not go over well.

Tread lightly.

Opening Screens

Sample Opening Page
Download PNG
Download PowerPoint Template