Agile Lighting Talks

From Agile Conference

5 Cs of a Great Facilitator

Want to learn some simple steps to super charge your facilitation?

Agile Design Process

Adding agility to your design processes?

Agile Leadership

Jamey Lees quickly lays out a common pitfall for Agile Leadership and it's a great reminder to us all.
Agile Approval Testing with David Kane

Approval Testing

Are you daunted by the prospect of introducing automated testing to a code base without it?

Are You an Effective Servant Leader

Imtiaz reminds us about the qualities Servant Leaders embrace during Scrum and SAFe ceremonies.

Attend to the Whole

Does your transformation seems to be out of balance?

Back to Nature

Bob Abt shares how senior leaders can create a natural eco-system and how it requires a deliberate approach.

Behavior-Driven Development

Melissa Daley of Orca Intelligence discusses BDD.

Better Backlog Grooming

Think you can improve your backlog grooming?

Better Retros With Sociocracy

Make retros more valuable and fun!

Coaching Upwards

Marc Danziger discusses his thoughts on coaching executives.

Google for Sudan – Sally Elatta

Sally Elatta shares a passionate story about applying empathy and agility to changing lives.

Gratitude Meditation (6 Minutes)

6 minutes of gratitude meditation while sitting at your desk, can change the way you feel for the rest of the day and even longer.

Hey Scrum Master

Best song about agile you've heard this year!

Landing your 1st Scrum Master Job

Want to land your first Scrum Master role?

Leveling Up Your Teams

Grow your teams through Llewellyn's brilliant approach.

Lucky Lunch

Want to improve your luck?

Making Value a Focal Point for your Organization

Planning is essential, but what is your primary focus?

Moving Beyond Scrum

Dominic Lepore discusses 4 agile practices to question if you want to embrace an agile mindset and move beyond Scrum.

Nurturing High Performing Teams

Wondering how to create high-performing teams?

Powerful Formula for Leading Impactful Change

John Hughes shares his proven formula for impactful and valuable change.
Reaching Government Agility - Maria Smyslova

Reaching Government Agility

What are the ways to overcome key pain points on the path to Agility in the Federal government space?

Rowing Together

Fresh look at the Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Sticky Notes

2 minutes of better sticky notes will save you and your team hours.

The Doctor Frame – The amazing interview technique

Nada Buhendi introduces her "Doctor Frame" that creates trust during interviews and helps you land an offer.

User Centered Agile Development

Shane Close discusses User-Centered Agile Development, The Recipe for a Successful Future

What is an Epic?

Use Epics to establish a strong vision of the problem.