Agile Lighting Talks

From Agile Conference

Ahmed Avais – Attend to the Whole

Does your transformation seems to be out of balance?

Ali Peterson – Gratitude Meditation (6 Minutes)

6 minutes of gratitude meditation while sitting at your desk, can change the way you feel for the rest of the day and even longer.

Bob Abt – Back to Nature

Bob Abt shares how senior leaders can create a natural eco-system and how it requires a deliberate approach.
Agile Approval Testing with David Kane

David Kane – Approval Testing

Are you daunted by the prospect of introducing automated testing to a code base without it?

Dominic Lepore – Moving Beyond Scrum

Dominic Lepore discusses 4 agile practices to question if you want to embrace an agile mindset and move beyond Scrum.

Fadi Stephan – Landing your 1st Scrum Master Job

Want to land your first Scrum Master role?

Hey Scrum Master

Best song about agile you've heard this year!

Imtiaz Fazal – Are You an Effective Servant Leader

Imtiaz reminds us about the qualities Servant Leaders embrace during Scrum and SAFe ceremonies.

Isabella Elvir-Ray – Rowing Together

Fresh look at the Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Jamey Lees – Agile Leadership

Jamey Lees quickly lays out a common pitfall for Agile Leadership and it's a great reminder to us all.

Janani Liyanage – 5 Cs of a Great Facilitator

Want to learn some simple steps to super charge your facilitation?

John Hughes – Powerful Formula for Leading Impactful Change

John Hughes shares his proven formula for impactful and valuable change.

Kyalo Musau – Making Value a Focal Point

Planning is essential, but what is your primary focus?

Llewellyn Falco – Leveling Up Your Teams

Grow your teams through Llewellyn's brilliant approach.

Llewellyn Falco – Lucky Lunch

Want to improve your luck?

Llewellyn Falco – Sticky Notes

2 minutes of better sticky notes will save you and your team hours.

Marc Danziger – Coaching Upwards

Marc Danziger discusses his thoughts on coaching executives.
Reaching Government Agility - Maria Smyslova

Maria Smyslova – Reaching Government Agility

What are the ways to overcome key pain points on the path to Agility in the Federal government space?

Marina Berdychevska – Agile Design Process

Adding agility to your design processes?

Melissa Daley – Behavior-Driven Development

Melissa Daley of Orca Intelligence discusses BDD.

Nada Buhendi – The Doctor Frame – The amazing interview technique

Nada Buhendi introduces her "Doctor Frame" that creates trust during interviews and helps you land an offer.

Nicole Spence-Goon – Better Backlog Grooming

Think you can improve your backlog grooming?

Rachel Bradstock and Peter Oliver-Krueger – What is an Epic?

Use Epics to establish a strong vision of the problem.

Rochelle Tan – Nurturing High Performing Teams

Wondering how to create high-performing teams?

Sally Elatta – Google for Sudan

Sally Elatta shares a passionate story about applying empathy and agility to changing lives.

Shane Close – User Centered Agile Development

Shane Close discusses User-Centered Agile Development, The Recipe for a Successful Future