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We have started Day 3 off. Join us now with Alistair and all of our speakers today. Celebrate, Good Times, Come On!!!! Its a Celebration. #agile20love

Today is the last day of @A20DMV, but what a finale it is shaping up to be! Which presentation are you most looking forward to?


#A20DMV - What a night. Thank you to our speakers, organizers, attendees, and sponsors.

Saturday Morning Agenda:
9:45 AM - Kickoff
10 AM - Alistair Cockburn
11:15 AM - Rocio Briceno
11:15 AM - Mathias Eifert
11:15 AM - Jim York

Lunch & Afternoon Session + Networking to follow!


The party continues tonight at 7:30pm join us for two great sessions with @JasonHallc and @marshaacker . Networking, and opportunities to share experiences throughout this unique conference.

Last night we raffled off 5 Uber Eats vouchers to be used during the end. Tonight we will be raffling off an additional 5. Will you be there. Join us at 6pm for more fun with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CppBapoAyBw&feature=youtu.be @lyssaadkins @blackntosh @sallyelatta @antoinetteCoet @thermorox

Thank you to Agile 20 Conference @a20dmv for inviting me to open the conference.
Hope everyone will continue finding the ‘i’s in Agile and making them loud and strong

Day 2 has a STACKED lineup of speakers in store…


Join us at 6:00 p.m. for more @a20dmv! https://a20dmv.org/ #A20DMV

Energizing, Uplifting, and Powerful.

Alistair Cockburn
Lyssa Adkins
Lizzy Morris
Linda Rising

Need we say more...

#agilelovefest #20thanniversary #agilemanifesto #keynotespeakers #A20DMV

We can't wait to see our panel discussion. Saturday Feb 13, 2021!

#agilelovefest #agilemanifesto #20thanniversary

Shout out to our #Sponsors for making #A20DMV possible! Deloitte, Anika Systems, Ventera, LitheSpeed, ECOM Consulting, Inc., Orca Intelligence, Coach2Reach, REI Systems, Agilious, ICAgile, The Agile20Reflect Festival, Agile Alliance Thank you!

#agile #reflect #celebrate #evolve

Upside Only. Our Keynote Speaker Lyssa Adkins will share their agile journeys with Sally Elatta, Cristopher Richardson, Antoinette Coetzee and Sharon Guerin. Don't miss them on Saturday, Feb 13 at #A20DMV.

#continuousImprovement #agilelovefest #agilemanifesto #20thanniversary

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